How to Market an E-Commerce Store

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Having an E- commerce store is quite an achievement. But in order to earn some decent money from your store, you have to advertise and promote it to as many people as you possibly can. Luckily, this is not very difficult to achieve, as there are countless tools at your disposal to aid you in marketing your store. If only you commit yourself to attracting and retaining customers, without doubt, your store will flourish.


1. Design your store well

Perhaps the single most determining factor of how well your store will fare is the way it is designed. The first impression that visitors get when they visit your site is of indispensable importance. If you make navigation through your website a nightmare, rest assured that few people will be willing to put up with that. Don’t chase away visitors even before they have had the chance to interact with you, and having a poorly designed store is a sure way of chasing them away. Have a simple, easy- to- navigate store that gives great descriptions of your products.


2. Capitalize on Social Media

If used well, social media can bring heavy traffic to your site in no time. If only you know how to inventively use social media to your advantage, it will only be a matter of time before the number of visitors to your site shoots up. One way you can effectively use social media platforms is by posting photos of your contented customers using your high quality products. That sells better than simply posting images of your products, because it makes it easier for people to visualize themselves using the particular product. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be of invaluable importance when it comes to marketing your store.

3. Up-sell your products

Another marketing strategy that has been shown to boost sales online is up-selling products. This online shopping marketing strategy is fairly simple, but exceedingly effective. Here is how it works: a visitor picks a product that you are selling, then you suggest that they pick something of higher quality, and often, of a higher price. It is a tested- and- tried method of marketing your store. Just make sure that the higher quality product you are suggesting is of actual higher quality, and that you can easily point out the differences between the two products.

4. Have more customer reviews on your store

Customer reviews are also exceedingly important in so far as online shopping marketing is concerned. For one thing, the more reviews your products have, the more people will believe in them. It is proof that you actually deliver on your promises, and that proof will ultimately enhance your marketing efforts. Secondly, the more reviews you have, the higher your site will be ranked by search engines, as it will be deemed as being very helpful to consumers, and having plenty of useful content.

5. Follow up on abandoned carts

Another way to improve the traffic to your store is to follow up on clients who abruptly abandon their shopping carts. Statistics show that nearly two thirds of people who start shopping on your online store will most probably abandon their efforts, and it is up to you to find out why. Send them emails prodding them for answers as to why they abandoned their shopping, and entice them to go back and pick up their goods.


Marketing your online business is not necessarily as hard as people make it look. By making small improvements at a time, you will finally get respectable traffic to your store.


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