Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Mentor 

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A mentor is a person who has acquired sufficient experience in a particular area and is capable of guiding an individual in achieving the same level of success that he/she has acquired. Every ambitious entrepreneur cannot do without the help of a mentor in achieving the desired goal and objective in life.

1. To enable us to achieve success without stress

The pathway to success is often dotted with one form of obstacle or the other. The function of a mentor is to show you the various pitfalls on our journey towards attaining success. Without the assistance of an experienced individual, we may go through endless stress in a quest to achieve success. It is like asking someone who has been to a particular place for direction.

2. A mentor will significantly reduce the possibility of Failure

The reason why so many people fail in life is that they do not possess the right information to succeed in life. Failure is significantly reduced when you have a mentor by your side to aid and guide you. So individual believe they can succeed on their own without the help of a mentor, but they find out through the hard way that they are entirely wrong. Success becomes a possibility when someone who has succeeded is there to show you the way to success.

3. A mentor will provide you with the right information to succeed

A critical factor on the way to achieving success is the ability to possess the right information. Access to the right information can accelerate our quest for achieving lasting success. A mentor is in a better position to provide the needed information.

4. Encouragement in times of Failure

Failure can never be ruled out as we aspire to succeed in life. One thing we must however realize is that when we have a mentor by our side, they are a great source of encouragement in times of failure. They have tasted success and failure, and their experience we go a long way to keep us focused and encouraged.

5. It helps to speed up your learning process

Learning the ropes in any business is not an easy task, as we may be faced with one challenge or the other. One of the benefits of having a mentor is that the learning process is quickened. It is like taking you by the hands and showing you the basic ingredients on your way to succeeding in your chosen business.


6. It will save us from unnecessary financial expenditure

When we decide to go the full stretch without the aid of a mentor, we may incur some unnecessary financial expenses which can be avoided. Mentors are more like financial advisors because they help us in the initial stage of our business plan and indirectly save us from making unprofitable expenses.

7. They help us make the right choices

The decision we make in life can ultimately determine our success or failure rate. The ability to make the right choice can be made a lot easier with the assistance of a mentor. A wrong decision can have the negative implication on the attainment of your set goals and objectives.

8. Learn from your mentor’s past mistakes.

Your mentor has achieved his high ranking business status due to mistakes made in the past. He may have made decisions without having a clear idea of what direction he should take. In such cases, he may have made decisions that cost him lots of money. You may be wondering, how someone who is not in your field can provide you with advice on your business. The key of mentorship lies in the knowledge that your mentor brings to the table.

9. Provide you with emotional support.

You’re no longer in a job setting where you take orders from a boss. Therefore, you’d have no one to turn to for advice on what’s your next task. Now that you’re a business owner, the ball is in your court. Although you’re alone, your entrepreneurial journey does not have to be desolate. Your mentor can choose the gap by providing you with emotional support.

10. Access to Additional Contacts

In addition to supplying firsthand advice, mentors can also connect you with their extensive list of contacts. In many instances, the information from these contacts proves as valuable as the mentor’s advice.


The result of quality mentoring is that it will effectively help a person grow and learn through the guidance of a caring, empathetic and knowledgeable mentor. If you don’t have mentor a good place to find mentors are books. A book recommendation is Napoleon Hill ‘s Think and Grow Rich.  Napoleon Hill is a great mentor if you are wanting more out of life. Don’t purchase Think and Grow Rich if you want less out of life.



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