Who Wins Affiliate Marketing Or E-Commerce

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                                                                                             Affiliate Marketing Vs. E-Commerce


The ever-expanding technological advancement of the internet were considered impossible 50 years ago. Now avenues for generating cash are at our finger tips.

Who would ever thought someone sitting on their cough could start their own online store or better yet a referral program and make a great living at it? In the midst of our advanced technology is opportunity in two mainstream ventures, affiliate marketing and e-commerce.

These are naturally just two ways a savvy tycoon can use the web to leverage their business for more profits. Affiliate marketing is having someone else do all the hard work of building business  come in an market there business for an affiliate commission. Many marketers start part time, with the massive returns usually a market will turn this into a full-time job.

The alternative is running a drop ship business, a different beast from affiliate marketing. The rapid mainstream acceptance of e-commerce business, is producing returns above a brick and mortar store. E-commerce store are very lucrative to entrepreneurs with little money to start a brick an mortar store.

Affiliate Marketing How to Get Started


Unlike a conventional store, building a successful internet business requires planning coupled with financial power to cover the small over head and marketing cost. Constructing an affiliate marketing endeavor is a no-brainier for any  savvy tycoon. Here’s how to get started.

1.Setting up a website or blog to advertise your affiliate program is easy, an very cheap if not free.

2.Start blogging about some thing you know how to do or love to do, and find affiliate programs associate with your blog as a whole.

3. Finding your affiliate program is simple, there are a large number of affiliate networks available. Here are a few; Clickbank, Commission Junction, an Click Promise, if you want more do a search on google. Also take a look at the sites you use every day, an see if they have an affiliate program.

4. Now that you have build your site or blog now you need to add traffic. There are free an paid ways to drive traffic, here are a few traffic tactics.

A. Paid advertising through google ad words, Facebook ads, an media buying.

B. Free advertising – through sites like Craigslist, stumble upon, viral content buzz.

C. Email marketing Offer something for free in return you get there email to send a regular newsletter or how to’s associate with your niche.

D. Article marketing will help in your google rankings, but also with great content you can use social bookmarking sites an viral content buzz, to drive free traffic.


Advantages of Affiliate Marketing


a. With a high converting Land page can translate into more sales which means more money.

b. Affiliate’s make money with out the headaches of running a business

c. Affiliate’s can get started for free, if done by blogging.

d. Affiliate marketing has no limits to the amount of money you can make passively

e. It can be lucrative business for the everyday 9 to 5er

Disadvantages of Affiliate marketing


a. There can be a lot of competition to market an affiliate offer

b. Affiliate’s risk losing commission do to cookies on the consumer’s computer

c. Protect your affiliate link from being hijacked with masking.

d. The business could go under do to high commissions. Diversification is your best protection of revenue

How To Start A Dropshipping Business


Starting a dropshipping business may seem challenging if you don’t know the dos an don’t. But starting an e-commerce site is pretty easy ounce you know all the pieces of the puzzle. Here are the main puzzle peices you will need to get started.

1. What are you going to sell? Well start with something you have passion for, art, cars,pokemon cards or Pokemon go. You get the point. Also consider something you know a lot about it may not be your passion but you know the ends an outs of the product.

2. Where are you going to find these products? Wholesale drop shipper is what you will want starting out. The drop shippers handle the inventory an shipping, you handle the marketing an sales of the inventory.

3. Which platform to use to sell my products? When it come to platforms to sell products there are awide range from Ebay, Amazon, Go Daddy, Sitebuilder, Salehoo and Bigcommerce. Tip for picking the right one, make sure they are compandable with your merchant account,easily push products to different marketing platforms, have some type of bookkeeping software, an autoresponder.

4. How do I market my products online? There are million ways to market your products online! Here are a few ideas to get you started;

A. google ad words.

B. Social networks like Facebook, twitter, an social bookmarking sites.

C. Blogging

D. Craigslist

5. How do I keep in touch with my clients? Auto responder or an email platform like Get response, Reach mail, Aweber, an constant contact. Find one that fits you budget an business needs.

The Advantage of running an Dropshipping Business

A. Don’t need to carry inventory.

B. Your open 24/7

C. No geographical limitations.

Disadvantages of running an dropshipping business

A. Products out of stock.

B. Customers my say they received an empty box.

C. Customers can get impatient with shipping.

D. Customers wants a refund, do to bad description.


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