Billion Dollar Challenge

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I have a goal of becoming a billionaire by 2020!  My name is Travis, I challenge you to do the same. Why? Cause I have another goal of eradicating poverty with that billion dollars and I need a lot of help doing so. If you accept my challenge put it in the comments below.

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The Struggle

Where exactly am I on the financial latter right now? Well I am nowhere near a billion dollars net worth, not even a million dollars, more like a negative net worth. I deliver pizzas for a slave wage which just about any job you get in the U.S.A. pays a slave wage or what the mainstream media and elected officials call a minimum wage.

I owe $3000 in credit card debt and have a $455 car payment for the next 7 years, at this very moment I have just enough in the bank to make the car payment. I live with my mom and help her pay bills. This way my over head is low and I can invest in education and my real estate investing career. Please share where you are on the financial latter in the comments below.

The Billion Dollar Game Plan

Here’s the plan man, first figure out which vehicle you are going to use to get you to a billion dollars. I have already found that vehicle and have immersed myself in it. Real Estate Investing is the one sports car that can take you from where you are to a billion dollar net worth the fastest.

If you know how to operate the Bogati, why not red line it and get there in a flash?  I have learned how to invest in real estate through reading books, going to seminars, taking online courses and networking with local investors.. 2018 is the year that I build my net worth, I invite you to follow me.

I like Grant Cardone’s concept of buying apartments or multifamily buildings. I am targeting 4 plex or better. The idea is to find one with at least $300 to $400 cash flow per door.

But Travis you don’t have the money to do so!

I say there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Through real estate groups I have attended in my local area I have found private lenders to partner with me and fund these deals.  This is something you can do too, to find groups in your area go to and search real estate investors groups.

I have found a few promising multifamily buildings in my area. The next step is to contact the owners and negotiate the price and or terms. But Travis why haven’t you done this already? Well fear is a motherfucker!  I have decided that tomorrow morning is the day to face my fear. It’s either BEAST OR BITCH!  My choice.  I choose Beast!

Once I have control over a multifamily building, having the tenants pay the debt and over head of the property. I will proceed to look for more multifamily properties to invest in. 3 to 12 months after acquiring my first income producing property, I am going to cash out refinance.

Cash out refinance is a way to get 80% of the ARV ( after repair value) in cash, use that money to pay my private lender off and lower my interest rate too. The remaining cash use to reinvest in more 4 plexes or bigger.

The goal with this process is to get to where I can invest in apartments of 100 doors or more. Then rinse and repeat until I am a billionaire.

Do you accept the billion dollar challenge?

Choose to be a BEAST not a BITCH!  What do you have to lose? Nothin! You are at risk right now, you have been ever since you formed in your mother’s womb.




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