How To Start An Online Business

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First Step Find Your Passion That  Solves A Problem

What are you passionate about? Does your passion solve a problem or fill a need?  Finding a product or service that solves peoples problems,or fills their needs. When you have found that, you have found your market.  Go to google keyword planner to see if people have googled your passion.  Also google it yourself, what came up?  This google search may inspire you!  Also, check out forums to see what people are talking about. is a good forum to check out.

Second Step Finding A Website Builder

 There a lot to choose from! find one you are comfortable with, or can afford, most of these sites charge a monthly hosting fee.  Some may have free trial period. Shop around find the deals.

Third Step Name Your Site

What are you going to name your site?  This is important because this will be your domain name. The name should be short, sweet  and to the point. Google keyword planner, can help with ideas. Remember the name of your site,should describe your site as a whole. Take your time, it will come to you!

 Fourth Step Finding Supplier

 If you are not selling a service, where are you going to get your products?  A wholesaler,or distributor is where you will find your products to sale for a profit. There are a lot of wholesalers out there. Quit a few charge a membership fee just to sell there products. There are free memberships available with some wholesalers. The type of wholesaler you will need is one that  drop ships. With a drop shipper you don’t have to handle any product, or spend a lot of money on stock an storage. Basically you sell the product, give the shipping info to the wholesaler, they ship it to your customer, and you get paid. Some website builders provide a drop shipper with the builder.

Fifth Step Marketing Your Business

Marketing can be very easy if you are willing to pay some else to do it. But if you want to do it your self  it can be challenging for beginners.  But with an open mind an a mind set of a scientist with the will to win it can be done.  There are a few avenues one can use to market there business. Here are are a few ideas; blogging, google shopping, Export-feed, an paid ads like google ad words, Bing ads, an media buys.

Sixth Step Which Merchant Account To Use

Find an set up a merchant account or credit card processor. Pay pal is well known and trusted by most who have purchased online. But you are unable to purchase certain type of items with Pay pal. Check with pay pal to see if your customer base is able to purchase your product or service with pay pal.  Pay pal does charge a fee with each sale.  There are other credit card processor available,some charge a monthly fee and a percentage of each sale.

Seventh Step Quick Books Software

 There are two different type of quick books software, the first type is desktop version witch you can only access from that computer.The second is the cloud version witch is Internet base, you can access from anywhere. The quick books software helps keep up with sales, overhead an profit, for tax purposes. 

If your are looking at online business to get rich quick! Stop because there is no such thing as get rich quick! There are billion different ways to make money! Stop depending on J.O.B. an start your own business.

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