Hustle The Dream! Not The Money!

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The world is filled with hustlers!  These people work two jobs or a job and a side hustle. This may describe you in some way. But what is the end goal with your hustle?

Why work your ass off just to pay bills and survive? Today’s world is design for you to thrive and prosper, but most don’t!  Why? Have you given up on your dream?

Or already achieved your dream and haven’t found a new one to chase!   Find the dream you want to achieve and go after it, like your life depended on it, cause it does!

Dreams are free, the hustle is sold separately.  I don’t know what your dreams are. But I know what mine are, and that is the reason for this article. I want to help you make more money, and achieve your financial dreams.

Disclaimer I am not rich or some money making guru here to sell you on how to make more money. I will give you all the how to and tools to you for free, it is up to you to make it happen.

Billion Dollar Challenge

What’s Your Number?

First thing is to figure out what is your number?  What do I mean by this? How much money do you need to make on a monthly bases to pay bills and feed the family.

Does your job provide you with enough money to take care of your family? If no, how much more do you need per month to make it?

Once you have your number, sit and think how can I make that kind of money without working?  But how am I going to make money without working? You ask!


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Put Your Money To Work! 

How do you go about doing that? What is it that you enjoy doing? Do you like to play video games, watch movies, work on cars, read books, fix computers, or work out?

Once you have this thing you enjoy doing, find away to monetize it!  How do I do that? Simple, let’s say you enjoy reading books, you can write a blog review about the books you have read and promote an affiliate account with a book store, Amazon or Ebay.  These affiliate accounts are free to sign up.

Maximize your profits, by selling the books you have already read and are done extracting the information you need.  There are many ways you can go about this.

The first is to call bookstores in your local  area and ask if they buy books? You can do this with anything even clothes!

The second way is to sell your books or any item  for that matter on a few free apps like, Letgo, Offerup, and Facebook marketplace.

Now this isn’t going to bring in residual income, but it will bring in more cash for your pocket. Once your item has sold with all the other people who expressed interest in that book or item send them a affiliate link of the same or similar item.

The third way is to repurpose your blog post. Use the post you have written to do Youtube video summarizing your post by either acting it out, creating a cartoon, or just giving and extended point of view, that your post does not have.

At the end of each video, ask your audience to support you by purchasing the book or item you have review through the affiliate link below.


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Chase That Dream!

What’s your dream? When are you going to get busy chasing it?

Time is your most valuable resource, so don’t waste it by sitting around dwelling upon the past , the what if’s, and all the bullshit this world will throw at you.

Your life is right now, right here, if you are not happy, with where you are, do something about it, beside cry about how fucked up it is!

           You have to dream before your dreams can come true.  -Abdul Kalam


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