The Struggle

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Dreaming big and bringing those dreams to reality is a Motherfucker! Always thinking about quitting. But after that thought a question arises, then what are we going to do after we quit? This question always keeps me pushing forward.

Why do I still procrastinate? I want the work ethics of Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Gary Vee. What do I need to do to develop this kind of work ethic? I think Nike has the correct answer to this question. Just Do It! Easier said than done, when one is scared shittless! The unanswered questions is, am I scared of success or failure? I think the answer is neither, it is change for better or for worse. Change is the one thing we humans don’t like. The comfort zone is a dream killer! Grant Cardone said it best, move in the direction of your fears. Will Smith said that on the other side of fear is bliss.

The decision that will make you or break you! Just do it! Fuck fear! Fear is false evidence appearing real! I vow to you the reader that I will move in the direction of my fears at all cost. I expect you the reader to do the same. If one wants to live the life of a Mobster, one must roll like a Mobster! Mobster is one who dreams big and fights to bring that dream to reality.

Typing is cheap! Plan of action, what do I need to do today to get me closer to my dream? For me that is cold calling, knocking doors, talking to people who may want to be a passive investor in real estate. What is your plan of action? Reading is cheap and easy, it is time to face those fears! Do what needs to be done. There is no time like now!

Keep pushing, keep climbing! Quitting on your dreams is a life of misery. You have a choice! Spend the rest of your life facing your fears. Always living on the edge, like a daredevil! Or living your life as a hater, a dreamer killer. Life of suffering and lack. Like the beggar on the street corner holding a sign. It ain’t easy, when you have big dreams! But the rewards of making those dreams a reality are worth the struggle.

If life was easy, It wouldn’t be worth living!

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