Top 10 Mentor Books

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Although coming up with a comprehensive list of great books on any topic can be a hard nut to crack, it is often good idea to try and separate the wheat from the chaff and try to assemble some noble nominations based on the book’s popularity or quality. To help you in that quest, here is a brief description of the

            top 10 books on mentoring and coaching;

1. The Extraordinary Coach: Edition 1

It is a fact that in most business or organizational settings today, leaders only focus coaching while bosses only focusing on management. But to be effective as a coach or a manager you need to do both effectively. Today many people in executive, supervisory or managerial roles under lead and over boss. This often results in disengaged staff, stressed out managers and weaker people. Only strong and sensitive leaders can develop their staff and this edition contains all the important information on how to develop this essential skill. Whether you are coaching clients or subordinates, this book offers a detailed look at coaching as well as the value of developing your staff complete with a comprehensive guide and tools for getting started.

2. The Five Minute Coach: by Mariette Castellino and Lynne Cooper, 2012 

Launched in 2012, the 5 minute Coach by Mariette Castellino and Lynne Cooper offers a step by step process on how to coach easily and effectively so as to get better results in your organization. Designed mainly for supervisors, managers and leaders in any setting, the book can be used in both small and large organizations or with teens and adults across various community and voluntary groups. The book’s approach will also change how you perceive other workers. Just because you are a leader it doesn’t mean you must have all the answers. You can benefit from delegation as you free up some time for you to think effectively and be more innovative, creative and proactive.

3. Transformational Executive Coaching: Ted M. Middelberg

Dr Ted Middelberg mainly targets business leaders at the executive level in this book. The approach is based on objective focused and structured processes that teach coaches how to sustain and effect the change that business owners want from a coaching exercise. The book is also built on using high quality feedback as well as building relationships.

4. 50 Top Tools for Coaching: By Ro Gorell and Gillian Jones, 2012

Just like the coaching industry is growing, so is the demand for coaching services.50 top tools for coaching sets out to help coaches achieve more with their mentees. The book provides a wide range of techniques and tools that can be applied to various situations. The edition also covers various topics including: measuring your progress, setting goals, resolving and understanding conflicts, enhancing performance, increasing confidence, using different styles and working more effectively with other people.

5. Starting Strong

Starting strong outlines and highlights and the kinetics involved in building successful relationships. The authors who are also mentoring experts use a fable approach to tell the tale of a promising mentoring relationship filled with triumphs, problems and possibilities. There is an inspiring tale of Cynthia, a professional coach and her mentee Rafa, which lays down clearly the authors’ wealth of coaching suggestions as well as best practices. Each episode of the book is also accompanied by key strategies and related questions that anyone can apply to his or her own mentoring relationships. There is also playbook that guides readers through 6 important conversations that can help them build a strong mentoring connection and keep and keep it going.

6. The Mentor’s Guide by Lois J. Zachary, 2011

The Mentor’s Guide by Lois J. Zachary mainly looks into the process of coaching and highlights the tools for simplifying the experience from the start to the end. It offers strategies for engaging in must- mentoring situations as well as how to appreciate age differences. You will also learn how to address various topics such as transformational learning, self-directed learning and emotional intelligence in a coaching relationship.

7. Practicing Positive Psychology Coaching: Assessment by Robert Biswas-Diener, 2010

Practicing Positive Psychology covers detailed findings from research on motivation, commitment strategies, goal revision and growth mindset theory. It also includes a guide for working effectively with Snyder’s Hope Theory in a mentoring setting and an easy to use way to gauge client values, strengths, self-esteem, happiness, optimism, creativity, motivation and personal strengths. You will also find a guide on how to encourage clients who are going through common life changes like leadership changes, middle life crisis, layoffs and retirement.

8. Coaching for Leadership by Laurence S.Lyons and Marshall Goldsmith, 2010

Why should a mentor work with smart objectives? This book with contributions from authorities from the world of mentoring, coaching and motivational theory will tell you why and how to do it. Pursuing and attaining objectives is much more sophisticated than just knowing what to do and working hard at it. You also need to work smart. This evidence based book, provides a deep and comprehensive perspective on the nature and the importance of working smart in mentoring and coaching plus guidance on how to work with evolving and intermediate goals.

9. Coaching for Performance by Sir John Whitmore

When it comes to mentoring and coaching suppression, this book comes second to none. It covers a wide range of approaches to coaching drawing on several theoretical models, including systems thinking, transactional analysis, Gestalt and psychodynamics. All the approaches in the book are supported with case studies and a detailed analysis of the merits and demerits of the different approaches.

10.The Business Coaching Toolkit:By William Zipp and Stephen G. Fairley

If you are a business owner or manager, you are going to love this book. It outlines the most effective strategies for solving the various problems that most businesses face. Instead of reading tens of books on solving business problems, just read and implement what you read from this one and you will be 10 years ahead of your competition. So it doesn’t matter whether you are operating a huge company or a one-person business, the strategies you will learn in the book are incredibly powerful and eye opening.

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