What is Tycoon Mafia?

Tycoon Mafia is a political entrepreneur  blog , that solves the worlds problem with an entrepreneur spirit.

The Inspiration

What’s the inspiration of Tycoon Mafia is a mix of mad at the current greedy government system, that divides the people with racism, religion, an economic status for more power an money.  The entrepreneur spirit that must change it, with education, an helping others build a small business.

United We Stand Or Divided We Go Extinct!

If we don’t get over our childish difference of race, religion, economic status, an political view.  We will kill every living thing on planet Earth!  There is only one way to move forward, that’s unite as humans.  The one race we all are a part of is the human race, no matter your  race, religion, economic status, or political view. Stop the wars, greed, an hate. Life is to short for this. There is to much pain in the world because of it.  Start spreading love, peace an prosperity for a better world.

Become The Change You Want To See In The World

Join Tycoon Mafia in the fight to change the world, through personal growth an education. Don’t give up the Fight!