Workers United For A Living Wage

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In the land of the free, home of the brave, 50% of the population makes less than $30,000 a year. The richest nation in the world has a problem with poverty!

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How do we fix this?

When one, works 40 hours a week and still can’t take care of their family, the problem is the minimum wage!  Elected government officials say that poor people are lazy, entitled, and are not working hard enough.  When the  Working Class are the hardest working people you will ever meet, working 2 and 3 jobs, with a side hustle.

George Carlin says it best , “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”. Well the working class is a bigger club and they can’t stop us, once we start demanding what we want!

We run the large corporations, fast food joints, restaurants, car washes, walmarts, fire department, police department, and we make up most of the military in the U.S.

We workers stand united for a living wage or the Elites, Ceos, and politicians will find out, just how much power and control they really have, which ain’t much at all.

The workers of this nation need to united like the teachers are all over this nation.  If our elected officials refuse to give us a living wage, we need to show them how much they really need the working class!

Here is how we do that, the working class boycotts any company not willing to pay its workers a living wage. We don’t work ,shop, or order there services.  We will bring this nation to its knees with in 90 days! Not only the poor but the elites as well will suffer, without us poor people working.

This will not be easy, and yes it will take at least 90 days if not sooner. But this will not work if we don’t have millions willing to make the sacrifice to make this happen. This is a fight for a massive raise for all who are currently only making the minimum wage or a little better.

Worker United is asking you do you want to make a living wage?

Are you willing to make the sacrifices needed to make this happen for us all?

If the answer to the two questions above are yes then join us and share this post with you friends.


  Join Workers United For A living Wage


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